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GEN 4 Features

Extremely versatile. Intelligently designed. Packed with tools. The Swiss Army Knife of self-serve beer & wine systems.

Advanced Networking Features

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Completely battery-free and powered by hardwired industry-standard IEEE 802.3at PoE technology

Cloud-based storage

System data is securely uploaded to cloud storage to ensure that no details are lost

Firewall security

Dedicated hardware-based firewall security

Lean into the novelty of a pour-your-own beer bar and maximize your profits with iPourIt’s revolutionary GEN 4 features. iPourIt technology is battery-free, features secure cloud storage, strong firewall security to protect your data, and a convenient touch-free interface. And all of this is packed into a convenient touchless key interface that gives your customers an easy experience.



The iPourIt system is entirely powered by hardwired industry-standard IEEE 802.3at PoE technology. No more relying on shaky battery power that needs to be consistently changed. This hardwired system will save you time, stress, and money.


Secure Cloud Storage 

Any system data you collect is immediately securely uploaded to cloud storage to ensure that none of your customer data’s precious details are lost. With this power data, you can gain insights about your pour-your-own beer bar and grow your business.


Strong Firewall Technology 

The dedicated and strong firewall technology ensures that nothing nefarious can happen to your system. Sensitive data is safe and protected.


Touch Free Interface

Business owners can use RFID technology with touchless keys to eliminate unnecessary surface touching during check-in or check-out. These interfaces display tasting notes, information about the creators, and other engaging content. This tapscreen configuration is entirely customizable to suit your specific business needs.

Tap-to-activate RFID

Guests can simply touch the RFID to a built-in reader to activate the tap
Wrist Bands
Touchless Tap Keys
Order from a 3rd Party

Advanced tap screen technology

Built-in RFID reader

Included in one comprehensive tap screen assembly, allowing for simple install and set-up

No batteries

Powered by a single CAT6 cable

Purpose-built IPS displays

Commercial-grade IPS displays, designed to support constant use and prevent issues with burn in.

Integrated lightbar

Lights up green to indicate when it's time to start pouring

Future-proof tech

Advanced processing technology allows for easy software updates and added horsepower

Intelligent commercial-grade displays

Advanced tap screen displays

Display extended tasting notes, suggested glassware, and keg-level graphics showing the amount left, encouraging guests to grab a taste before it’s too late.

The live pouring graphic shows guests the total price or number of ounces poured in real-time.

Choose fun, engaging animated beer labels and graphics to help promote the products on the tap wall.

Flexible Tap to Screen configurations

Customizable to meet unique business goals and space requirements.

Enhance user experience and minimize wait time with a dedicated screen for each tap or save wall space with multiple taps per screen (we can even do 5+).

SMARTS™ Technology

Power tools for your self-pour business
Operator Dashboard
Preventative Alerts
TapVision Intelligence
Shrink-Proof Technology
Automated Scheduling
Real-Time Inventory Data

Handy Features

Driver’s license scan at check-in

Check-in includes a driver’s license scan with verification to immediately get guests up and running. The scan also collects anonymized demographic data available to operators on our TapVision™ Business Intelligence platform.

Multiple Beverage Types

Customers have the option to try a variety of beverages without committing to a full pour. They can sample beer, wine, cider, seltzer, and other offerings, and explore tasting notes and fun details for each beverage.

Pouring Limits

When customers reach the preset pouring limits, they must check in with staff to request another round of drinks.

Flexible Payment Options

The TapVision™ system from iPourIt comes with an array of pre-sets, including payment options. These options can be customized to meet your business’s and customers’ needs.

Inventory & Menu Management

The system collects and tracks all pour data so you know exactly how much is in each keg.

It’s easy to add beverages! Browse our extensive library, search Untappd, send us a request, or create it yourself.

Add new deliveries to an on-deck list until they can be tapped to track keg aging for easy inventory management.

Our built-in pricing calculator Automatically generates per-ounce pricing by the pint or gross margin.

If you temporarily remove or “bench” a keg, the system will preserve the keg level data until it’s added back to the tap wall.

Configure the system for to-go growler and growler fills to track and record data for high-volume pours correctly.

Self-pour business tools

Operator dashboard

Provides operators with a comprehensive, user-friendly snapshot of beer wall operations.

It includes handy details on daily patron traffic, inventory levels, keg aging, discount usage, preventative maintenance needs, and more, all on one screen – no searches or queries are needed.

TapVision™ reporting package

TapVision™ is the only business intelligence tool designed for self-pour operators. 

The new custom-built cloud-based platform offers an array of handy pre-set reporting options, allowing users to quickly and easily access powerful insights and consumer data points, export the details, and get back to business.

TapVision reporting

Automated scheduling

Set automated schedules for system power-up and down, discounts, and more.

Tap screens automatically display special pricing for specific products during preset timeframes (e.g., 20% off all white wine pours between 3 pm and 5 pm).

Preventative meter alert system

SMARTS™ Technology proactively detects when taps are activated without recording a pour and notifies the operator.

After several alerts are detected on the same tap, it’s automatically disabled from pouring until the operator can look into the issue.

With the alert system, operators would gain product and revenue from metering issues that could have been easily prevented.

Line cleaning & maintenance modes

Special modes ensure that ounces poured during cleaning and maintenance are recorded as such.

SMARTS™ Technology keeps track of the line cleaning schedule and sends friendly reminders when it’s time to clean the lines.

Revolutionize Your Business, With iPourIt

There are different self-pour technologies on the market, but none stand up to the quality, technology, and customer support of iPourIt. If you want to open a pour-your-own beer bar or other self-pour business, contact us today to get started with iPourIt.

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