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The power to sample freely

iPourIt technology shines the brightest when utilized in fast-casual restaurants, event venues, and brewery taprooms. Customers flock to breweries to be able to try new drinks, making the self-serve tap room an ideal setup. According to Nielson data, 42% of US consumers are visiting taprooms more than they were in the year before. Hop onto this fast-moving train and give your customers a unique experience that will make them return.

With iPourIt self-pour systems, customers can try, test, taste, sip, and sample as they please. But now it’s on their tab, not yours.

Fast facts


Millennials (especially ages 21-34) are seeking out new places to drink, and creative new experiences to engage with craft beverages


55% of U.S. consumers said that the key reason they visit taprooms and brewpubs is because “they wanted to sample a variety of offerings”


Females are driven more by the appeal of variety (58%) over males (53%)

Gross Margin

iPourIt self-serve taprooms recognize a 70-82% gross margin for alcohol on average

The Power To Taste 

Customers often do not come to taprooms and do not think deliberately about what they’re ordering; they come to breweries for the variety. The iPourIt system allows them to taste and sample at their leisure without wasting any of the keg yield. 

Learn at Their Own Pace

With so much variety, some customers can get overwhelmed. The iPourIt tap screens allow them to learn about the offered beverages at their own pace without any worry about monopolizing the time of one brewery taproom employee.

Have a Unique Experience

Going to a brewery is a brand-new and novel experience for some people. And a self-serve tap room ups the novelty even more. Even the most well-traveled brewery superfan will likely not have come across this model. Consumers, especially younger consumers like Gen Z and Millenials, are always looking for new experiences. 

Focus on What Matters

The iPourIt system doesn’t fully eliminate the need for staff; it merely frees up the staff to talk with the customers more, ensure that everyone is having a safe, fun time, and share their knowledge.

Boost your taproom business with iPourIt self-pour technology

Eliminate the wait

Self-pour is self-paced. Customers can check in quickly, drink on schedule, and get out when ready.

Self-Pour pro tools

Save time with automated discounts, intelligent inventory management, and remote tech support - so you can focus on bigger things.

Lighten your labor

Bring your experts out from behind the bar to engage with customers, make recommendations, and ensure social distancing.

Keep customers safe

Choose touchless set-up and pouring options to reduce touch points between customers and staff while reducing single-use product waste.

Dig into data

iPourIt SMARTS™ technology collects pour data from each system, providing you with handy consumer data and operational insights.

Offer more options

Please everyone in the group, even the ones who “don’t like beer” (yet), by offering wine, cocktails, hard seltzer, cider, and kombucha on tap.

The iPourIt system is revolutionary for the brewery taproom model. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to interact with your customers in a whole new way. Contact us today to learn more.

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"Sweet spot" tap count:

50 taps

Pricing estimate:

$815-$1400 per tap

Tap selection tips for taprooms

While sampling is a huge part of the self-pour experience, our data shows that “loyalist” or traditional lagers are the top-seller across the board. This is a must-have.

Hard seltzers are hot! So is hard cider and kombucha. We recommend reserving a few taps.

Our data shows that female customers are less price sensitive and tend to go for premium products like red and white wine. One or two of each will do the trick.

Use the TapVision™ Business Intelligence tool to see what customers are drinking and which slow-moving products need to be swapped out.

Hear from an iPourIt taproom operator

iPourit systems power hundreds of self-serve taprooms. Hear why Roshiem Austin of Tap That Downtown chose to partner with us.
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“We couldn’t be more impressed with the versatility and reliability.”

Ramon Ballester
Co-Owner, Pour Taproom
Atlanta, GA

Powerful tools for your self-pour taproom business

Fastest check-in speed

Allow guests to scan their own ID and payment for quick, touch-free check-in.

Automated pricing specials

Tap screens change automatically to reflect pricing specials on specific products during preset time ranges.

Tap-to-activate RFID tech

With our user-friendly technology, guests can simply tap their RFID near the tap screen to immediately start a pour.

Intelligent inventory

Start tracking keg aging upon delivery and see exactly how much product is left in each keg at all times.

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