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Get ahead of the game

The iPourIt system isn’t just for breweries and bars. It can be a handy tool in any fast-casual restaurant. Think of your restaurant space as a self-serve brewery or wine bar. Consumers these days are looking for elevated convenience in their casual dining experiences. And with an iPourIt self-serve beer tap bar, you can set yourself apart from the stiff competition.

An all-in-one solution. Stand out from the crowd. Create a safe space. Keep customers coming back.

Fast facts


Traditional fast-casual establishments generate roughly 5% of their revenues from beer and wine sales. In comparison, many iPourIt fast-casual operators generate 8-12% in alcohol-to-food sales, with some locations generating over 30%.

Food & Drink

42% of drinking-age adults order an alcoholic beverage with their meal at casual dining restaurants.


Surveys show a high-interest level in seeing more fast casuals serving alcohol.

Unique Experience 

Installing a self-pour system into your casual restaurant gives customers a unique, fun, and novel experience that sets you apart from the crowd. This will build a loyal base and keep folks coming back for more. 

Keep It Speedy 

When choosing a casual restaurant, customers usually look for a self-paced experience that fits into their busy lives. They call the shots with self-pour technology, allowing them to set the pace. 

Expanding Palates 

A self-serve brewery system allows customers to try as few or as many different beverages as they’d like. Variety is the spice of life, and with iPourIt technology, your customers can have as much variety as they want. 

Increased Revenue

Our data shows that iPourIt operators drive roughly double the amount of beer and wine sales as traditional fast-casual establishments. By giving customers the option to do it themselves, they’re far more likely to opt for a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

Boost your casual dining business with iPourIt self-pour technology:

Eliminate the wait

Self-pour is self-paced. Customers can check-in quickly, drink on their own schedule and get out as soon as they’re ready.

Self-pour pro tools

Save time with automated discounts, intelligent inventory management and remote tech support - so you can focus on bigger things.

No bartender, no problem

Boost alcohol revenue without complicating labor and pay structure. No new hires or specialized skills needed.

Keep customers safe

Choose touchless set-up and pouring options to reduce touch points between customers and staff, while reducing single-use product waste.

Tempted to taste

Expand your customer base by offering a rotating selection of local craft beers, wines, seltzers, kombuchas and ciders.

Dig into data

iPourIt SMARTS™ technology collects data for each pour, providing you with handy consumer data and operational insights.

iPourIt technology can be a handy tool for any fast-casual restaurant looking to increase revenue. Are you looking to invest in a self-serve brewery system? Contact us today to learn more about our unique technology.

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"Sweet spot" tap count:

24 taps

Pricing estimate:

$935-$1500 per tap

Tap selection tips for casual dining

While sampling is a huge part of the self-pour experience, our data shows that “loyalist” or traditional lagers are the top-seller across the board. This is a must-have.

Hard seltzers are hot! So is hard cider and kombucha. We recommend reserving a few taps.

Our data shows that female customers are less price sensitive and tend to go for premium products like red and white wine. One or two of each will do the trick.

Use the TapVision™ Business Intelligence tool to see what customers are drinking and which slow-moving products need to be swapped out.

They can grab a beer while you focus on the food

Please guests from the get-go, while enhancing operations. Take a look at the self-pour experience at Treno Pizzeria & Taproom.
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“Since opening mid-2020, our alcohol to food split is approximately 30/70, and sales are well above what we had originally projected.”

Bo Harvey
Co-Owner, Treno Pizza & Taproom
Temple, TX

A simple, streamlined self-pour solution

Fastest check-in speed

Allow guests to scan their own ID and payment for quick, touch-free check-in.

Automated pricing specials

Tap screens change automatically to reflect pricing specials on specific products during preset time ranges.

Simple tap-to-activate RFID

With our user-friendly technology, guests can simply tap their RFID near the tap screen to immediately start a pour.

Intelligent inventory

Start tracking keg aging upon delivery and see exactly how much product is left in each keg at all times.

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