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Pour more profits with an automated beer tap system

iPourIt self-pour technology puts the power in the hands of your customers. Our self-serve beer taps minimize overhead and product loss while boosting profits and solving labor challenges.

Higher profits, lower operating costs​


More Sales


Higher profits


Gross margin


Labor savings


Keg yield

Lots of fun for patrons.
Lots of benefits for operators.

Simplify Staffing
Increase Alcohol
Eliminate Product
Attract New

Self-Pour Markets

Taproom to grocery store, iPourIt self-pour technology gives your business a competitive advantage. With hundreds of installations under our belt, our team of self-pour experts can help architect the perfect solution for your business.

America’s Leader in Self-Pour Technology

We pioneered the self-pour space, and hundreds of businesses choose us as a trusted partner because we offer the most advanced management tools, unparalleled data, and industry-leading 24/7 support. Additionally, iPourIt self-serve technology is more cost-effective than all other beer tap system providers and our open API gives us the flexibility to offer a growing list of full integrations.

iPourIt self-pour draft systems

iPourIt is a first-of-its-kind technology that revolutionized the beverage service experience for business operators and their customers by enabling users to pour themselves an array of draft beverages including beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more.

Mixed Drinks


Hard Cider & Seltzer

Mixed Drinks

Iced Coffee

and More!

Embracing a self-service bar improves:

Operators of self-service bar systems are generating 50% more alcohol sales than traditional service models on average. The iPourIt self-pour beer tap system boosts profitability by targeting three key areas: labor costs, product waste, and service capacity.

Labor Costs

With iPourIt beer tap system technology, you can save big on labor. The system runs itself, simplifying staffing needs and saving operators an average of 30% on labor costs.

Product Waste

The iPourIt system features automated inventory control and eliminates product loss due to over-pouring, samples, mispours, and giveaways. Operators of our self-serve beer taps report an average keg yield of 97%, versus 76% with traditional service.

Service capacity

We’ve all waited too long for a drink and a crowded bar can send customers running for the door. With the iPourIt system, customers can start pouring right away and grab a refill whenever they’re ready, so you can maximize service capacity and beverage sales.

The iPourIt system offers a fun, unique, and memorable experience that attracts new business and keeps customers coming back. With self-pour technology, customers are empowered to explore and pour on their own without the wait. All it takes is a quick check-in to open a tab, and then customers can pour themselves exactly what they want. Now customers can enjoy the freedom to be their own bartender and sample a variety of different drinks on their own terms.

iPourIt beer tap system  technology is designed to help keep customers safe. The system tracks each individual’s consumption and once the preset limit is reached, customers must check in with a staff member to request another round. Rather than rely on memory, your staff can see exactly what’s been consumed in the location and focus on engaging with customers instead.

Taproom to grocery store, iPourIt self-pour technology gives your business a competitive advantage. With hundreds of installations under our belt, our team of self-pour experts can help architect the perfect solution for your business.

Easy to Use and Operate

The iPourIt self-serve bar system is easy for both customers and staff to use. Every aspect of the platform was designed with ease-of-use in mind and it’s packed with smart features that help streamline operations and enhance the beverage service experience for everyone.

Easy for Users

Our beer tap system features built-in tap-to-activate technology so customers can start pouring in seconds by simply touching their RFID device to the tap screens. The commercial-grade touch-screen displays allow customers to dive in and explore their options with animated artwork and details like beverage style, brewery info, and tasting notes.

Easy for Operators

The system is powered by SMARTS™ Technology that provides comprehensive real-time data plus automated inventory management, pricing discounts, loyalty programs, and more! All of the data is securely uploaded to cloud storage to ensure that no details are lost and the system is secured by hardware-based firewall security. Additionally, every component can be accessed remotely for hassle-free troubleshooting and software updates.

"To be honest, I don’t think I would ever want to be involved with another restaurant that wasn’t using an iPourIt system."

General Manager, Bear Cave Brewing

“iPourIt is the best system out there for businesses looking to implement self-pour technology! As a new business owner, I have relied heavily on iPourIt’s expertise in helping to get our business up and running.”

Heidi McGraw
Owner Geneva Taphouse

“Since opening, our alcohol-to-food split is approximately 30/70, and sales are well above what we had originally projected. The work that we are doing with iPourIt has definitely been a huge success.”

Bo Harvey
Owner Treno Pizzeria

“iPourIt stood out from other systems because of how easy it was to walk in and  use the platform. With some of the other providers I saw, it wasn’t as user-friendly. The iPourIt system was the easiest and most simple to operate.”

Jordan DeCaro
Owner Duluth Tap Exchange & Tap on Tower

Self-Pour Power Tools

Intelligent inventory

Easily track inventory and see exactly how much product is left in each keg at all times.

TapVision™ Business Intelligence

Identify your key users and attract more customers with unparalleled self-pour data.

Consultative onboarding

Count on our team of experienced experts, here to support you through every step.

Automated discounts

Create automated schedules for happy hour discounts, daily promotions, and more.

Add an automatic revenue generator to your business

Boost beverage sales and profits with our new turn-key self-pour kiosk systems. Low overhead. Quick start-up. No construction or additional labor needed.

Unmatched 3-year warranty

Protect your self-pour investment with the longest replacement coverage on self-pour systems in the business.

Financing options available

Our experienced sales team can provide flexible financing options to help you get up and running with an iPourIt system.

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